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Public Transit System

Whether you are living in or visiting the Cookeville area, there are numerous transportation systems that are available to you. In addition to a wide variety of cab companies, the Upper Cumberland Human Resource Agency’s (UCHRA) Public Transit System has different programs to fit your needs. Their services include transportation for people of all ages.

The Cookeville Area Transit System, known as CATS, is a program within the UCHRA transit system that runs a specified route, where you can be picked up and dropped off at various points throughout. For more information on routes, schedules or fares, please visit uchra.com/cats.

UCHRA also has a public transportation door-to-door service that travels through all 14 counties in the Upper Cumberland. This service is a safe, reliable and affordable way to get where you need to go. While reservations are limited and on a first-come, first-served basis, local trips are only $1.00 each way! To ensure that all citizens have this service available to them, there are vans equipped to carry persons with disabilities. For more information about zoning, days of operation and booking, please visit uchra.com/transportation.html.

Need to get to Nashville? UCHRA has a program for you, too. The Intercity Express Service will take you from Cookeville to Nashville and runs three times a day. While there is leeway for prescheduled stops, the route runs to both the Nashville Airport and the Greyhound Bus Station. For more information and booking, call (931) 372-8000.

To learn more about the various public transportation programs, please visit uchra.com/transportation.html