Sep 11, 2015

Chamber Membership Drive New and Improved for 2015


2015 Membership Drive team and volunteers

2015 Membership Drive team and volunteers

The Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce is gearing up for this year’s membership drive. This year, however, the format is changing.

The annual membership drive is being condensed into a four-day sprint where six teams of volunteers will be visiting the business community to connect new and existing businesses to the chamber.

“Our membership drives are usually month-long events, with a themed luncheon for volunteers as part of kick off week, where all six teams spend shifts recruiting new members to the chamber,” said Dianne Callahan, vice president of Organizational Development.

“This year is totally different! We are excited because new members in this year’s drive will join the chamber as part of our new tiered dues investment model, meaning that they can join at a level of investment based on how involved they want to be,” she said.

Chair of the membership drive David Price said, “This year, the teams have a football theme. Everyone loves football, and each team is here to play to win.”

It will be a race as always for teams, as each team will compete for recognition, prizes and giveaways. The team that brings in the highest dollar amount will receive a cash prize, as will the top volunteer that brings in the most member pledges.

“Membership in the Chamber of Commerce is a commitment and investment in the strong business community we have in Cookeville and Putnam County,” said Phillip Baker, Chamber board chairman. “When we have a strong membership base, we help move our region forward by building a stronger community, educating and training our workforce, and attracting new businesses and visitors.”

The mission of the Chamber is to be a world-class, regional leader, partner and catalyst by creating and retaining high quality, 21st Century jobs; protecting and improving our pro-business climate; enhancing our region’s quality of life; cultivating and supporting future community leaders; and adding value for our members’ investment.

For more information about the Chamber or its membership drive campaign, contact Dianne Callahan at (931) 526-2211 or email