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Philip Oldham
Economic Development
Philip Oldham, Vice Chair
Objective: To facilitate in the creation and retention of quality, primary jobs for the citizens of Putnam County and the region through a targeted and comprehensive marketing plan and program via public/private partnerships through the Highlands Economic Partnership (HEP).
Community Development & Public Policy Division, Legislative Advocacy
Jay Albrecht, Vice Chair
Objective: To improve the quality of life in Cookeville and Putnam County, and serve as the “voice of business” at all levels of government.
Membership Development Division
Melissa Mitchell - Vice Chair, Vice Chair
Objective: To strengthen the organizational and financial structure of the chamber for greater service to membership with emphasis on recruitment, retention, benefits and engagement.
Highlands Economic Partnership
Don Viar, Vice Chair
Objective: The Highlands Economic Partnership, launched in 2006, by the Cookeville-Putnam County Chamber of Commerce, is a collaborative, public/private sector program designed to boost economic and community development in Jackson, Overton, Putnam and White counties. Now in Phase IV Year I, the chamber continues to support its regional economic and community development program as a member of this partnership.
Convention & Visitors Bureau
Kevin Bowling , Vice Chair
Objective: To promote Putnam County as a tourist destination through public/private partnerships and by encouraging local citizens and visitors to discover the community’s sports and recreational opportunities, scenic back roads, arts and crafts, historical sites, musical heritage, shopping and dining venues. To be a catalyst in attracting resourceful retirees to the county and region who will become net economic assets.
Workforce Development & Education
Jasen Knight, Vice-Chair, Vice Chair
Objective: Be an advocate for lifelong education and a catalyst for the region to provide an excellent 21st century workforce that meets or exceeds the requirements of future and present employers.